5 Online Dangers of Leaving Your Child at Home Without Supervision – Point Three Will Shock You!

As a parent, you’d be surprised at the online dangers you expose your young children to whenever you leave them unsupervised at home.

  1. Uncensored Content: Allowing your child to access the internet without adequate supervision is dangerous as they may get to come across uncensored web contents that are inappropriate for him. The orientation and mindset of your child, as well as his perspective of life, can be consequently distorted by the disturbing materials they are likely to encounter online when inadequately supervised. He may begin to act in an uncomely manner, and you might start to notice an inclination towards self-destructive lifestyles.
  2. He might fall victim of Online Thefts: In this era of unparalleled technological advancement where personal data can be easily accessed on the internet, your child can very easily get tricked into releasing sensitive information to fraudulent sites. These thieves often disguise themselves as genuine kid-friendly websites in a bid to get hold of your personal information such as your email address, credit card details and social security number from your child. It is vital that your child is always left under the supervision of an adult whenever he accesses any website on the internet.
  3. You Leave Your Child at the Mercy of Cyberbullies: With the increased influx of young people on the internet today, there’s no doubt that the activities of cyberbullies are also on the increase. Subsequent communication with cyberbullies can drive your child into depression, fear and behavioral insecurity resulting from the aggressive acts of these cyberbullies towards him. Your child can develop behavioral dysfunctions that may affect his performance in school and society. Unfortunately, you might never notice these influences until it is probably too late for amendments to be made.
  4. Increased Likelihood of a Defiant Attitude: The recent nature of the internet has made it an avenue for rebellious and immodest web users to influence young people wrongly. When your child is continuously allowed to use the internet without supervision, they may begin to associate with the wrong people on the internet and subsequently get negatively influenced by such association. Your child’s relationship with you and other people in his life might be adversely affected by the evil influence in the long-run.
  5. Persistent Threats from Cyber-predators: Your child can get persuaded into inappropriate cyber behaviors by online predators when he is allowed on the internet all by himself. These predators can lure your child into provocative online discussions as well as the exchange of inappropriate pictures and videos. Predators could also find a means to blackmail you as a parent in exchange for your child’s social security.

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