It is not uncommon to find school children in India carrying heavy bags to school daily. Despite the widespread technological development all around the world, some schools in India are yet to harness the opportunity to improve their system of education fully.  As a parent, you’d be shocked at the impacts heavy bags are having on your child.

  1. Studies have it that between the ages of 4 and 18 years, spine development takes place in human beings. Unfortunately, this is also the period children go around trying to balance their body weights and those of heavy schoolbags with gravity. This balancing makes the child develop a bent forward posture which means an exertion of pressure on the discs and subsequent spine curvature. A backache and spondylitis may result after that and make corrections to the spine pretty tricky.
  2. It doesn’t just end in curvature, and ensuing pain, the curvature of the spine could also lead to a hunch on the back as well as reduced lung capacity and subsequently breathing difficulties in your child.
  3. Impulses generated from spinal movements are responsible for charging the brain cells and enhancing its performance. When the weight of your child’s bag causes misalignment and a subsequent curvature of the spine, the brain experiences a deficit in the impulses it needs from the spine to perform optimally. In other words, heavy bags can affect your child’s concentration and bring about severe memory problems. This means that his academic performance is placed under a severe risk whenever he carries heavy bags to school every day. Why let your child get to the stage where he cannot effectively use the numerous books he takes to school every day?
  4. When your child carries a heavy bag regularly, there is every tendency he/she could develop a condition known as anterior head posture, i.e., a forced posture realignment. This results from the strain exerted on the muscles when the hip is leaned forward to counter gravitational pull and make up for the heavy weight on the back and shoulder.
  5. When your child carries heavy bags to school regularly, the delicate muscles of your child’s shoulder may also get damaged from compression.  This damage resulting from compression causes an extent of microstructural damage to the nerves of the shoulder which can, in turn, result in a condition known as simple irritation. The nerve could also get damaged entirely and can lead to arm numbness, severe shoulder pain and pressure behind eye as well as the one behind the shoulder. This can physically affect your child’s performance with his hands and fingers (handwriting).

In Shemford School, our system is designed in such a way that your child would not need to carry heavy bags to school at all. Our facility has lockers installed in it so that each child can keep his book in school and also be the only one to access his locker.

Our curriculum has been scheduled in a way that all revisions are done in school so that students only need to go home with their homework and a few other books they might require for personal study. You can be rest assured that your child remains as healthy as he needs to be for optimal academic performance once he is enrolled in our school.

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