Dangers of leaving children online and unsupervised

A significant percentage of Indian parents are constantly faced with the option of either working in a bid to fend for their families while their children are left at home all by themselves or staying at home with their children and then facing the ensuing consequence.

As a parent, you’d be surprised at the online dangers you expose your young children to whenever you leave them unsupervised at home.

  • You expose them to the consequences of loneliness. Hence they may seek solace on the internet: Loneliness is known to be the root cause of most behavioral disorders such as low self-esteem, increased level of fear, inability to communicate effectively with people as well as other mental and personality disorders. We all know the internet is no place for children – especially unsupervised ones – to correct these resulting disorders. Therefore, leaving your children all by themselves at home with access to the internet is no right way to help them.
  • How about some imminent physical hazards they are exposed to as a result of what they see online? Unlike adults, children are yet to develop the skills required to avoid some accidents in the home deliberately. Leaving children at home with access to the net without the attention of an adult would always result in one home accident or the other except of course you leave them in an empty room. This results from the fact that there’s a lot on the internet and young children would always want to practice what they’ve seen others do at one point or the other. Consequently, these accidents may result in more complicated situations like fire outbreaks which could lead to property loss; as well as fatal injuries that could lead to coma or death.
  • Juvenile delinquencies: A lot of contents on the internet today are uncensored. If your children get used to being unsupervised while on the internet, they may never be able to submit to any form of supervision in the future as they get accustomed to doing what they want, how they want and when they feel is right. They may begin to act under peer pressure, get exposed to drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and other vices resulting from what they see online.

Whatever the case may be, we understand it is not usually the wish of any parent to leave his/her child unsupervised to the mercy of the internet, but the following reasons warrant that children be left at home irrespective of how long it may be because:

  • Given the economic and population challenge in India, parents must work to provide for their children; and more than 85% of working parents do so outside the home, and
  • Even when the children involved are sent to school, they still get to be on the net unsupervised because, by the time most elementary schools in India dismiss for the day, most parents would still be engrossed in their jobs and may not be able to accommodate their children at their places of work.

When parents enroll their children in our school, they no longer have to worry in between their jobs about what their children do online because our gates are opened from the hours of 9:00 am to 6:30 pm so there would always be an adult to supervise what your children do online.

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